My experience at Make-A-Wish was life changing. These are just some of the amazing stories I had the pleasure of telling:

Ashley’s Trip to St. Lucia

Ashley’s first Make-A-Wish experience happened in 2015 when her younger brother Kyle, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, received a wish and the whole family traveled to Hawaii. Ashley and her family thoroughly enjoyed their trip but they had no idea that a year and a half later Ashley, too, would be diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s and qualify for her own wish.

Andy’s Make-A-Wish Festival

Andy Foster has always loved smiles. Growing up, he did whatever he could to help others and bring smiles to their faces. When he was 5, Andy was diagnosed with epilepsy. When he was almost 15 he was connected with the Make-A-Wish Minnesota chapter and found out he could have a wish granted, an experience that made him feel “as good as you can feel.”

Giancarlo’s Confidence Building Trip to Hawaii 

Fearlessness has always been inside of Giancarlo, and his wish experience helped unleash it. For this story, I talked to Giancarlo’s mom Sandy about how the experience changed his life.

Volunteer Spotlight: Jessica Cañas

Jessica Cañas was introduced to Make-A-Wish after a close friend and Make-A-Wish employee told her about the need for bilingual and bicultural volunteers. Jessica, a 35-year-old college pipeline specialist at a Little Village community organization called Enlace Chicago, worked hard to find volunteers that fit the criteria within the community, until one day she had an epiphany: “Why don’t I just do it?”

Volunteer Spotlight – Yesenia Presley

I interviewed Yesenia Presley about the heartbreaking and heartwarming experiences she’s had that allow her to give compassion to those around her.

Tabbitha Kish Media Alert

I wrote this press release to announce the unveiling of the camper that Make-A-Wish child Tabbitha Kish wished for.

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